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NOTE This wiki article is a draft and is just a note dump for now.

Hello, my name is Matthilde Autumn Stella. You can call me with one of these names or just "Matt". I am a computer hobbyist usually busy doing nothing, programming my personal projects or be the hackiest sysadmin you have ever seen. I dream of a world where the web is as lightweight as my website and anarcho-communism is a thing.

Since I am a kid, I enjoy spending my time on computers to learn more about these machines and what to do with them. I explore the internet, program stuff, do some kind of research and contribute to an healthier internet (by hosting stuff :p).

I used to go on the mainstream internet like most people before until I realise there a whole hidden world behind the bubble that tech giants tries to keep us in. A world filled of awesome people and websites. I am glad that I am now part of this part of the internet. I also try to connect each other by hosting a webring.

There is a lot of fascinating subjects in computer science and I have played around with many but the ones that I enjoy the most is UNIX systems and system administration.

Another subject that I am fascinated about are programming languages. Idk why I like taking a look at weird and esoteric programming languages. I should try to study more about how to create my own programming language.

Oh and there is also networking. I kinda suck at networking at a technical level for now but I might try to learn more about it because it seems super interesting to take a look at. I also want to create my own protocols just for fun!

There... dumped a few things for the final bio. Might sort that out at some point.